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About a Shirt

Posted by V. A. Bates Kassatly on

We have been looking to introduce our version of that other male classic - the silk camp collar shirt/bowling shirt/cocktail shirt - for quite a while now, but it has proved no easy feat. Verifiably responsibly produced silk prints come primarily from France and Italy, and they are extremely expensive to purchase. And by expensive, we are talking about wholesale prices that start £40 per square meter...

When you consider that a camp shirt needs about 2 square meters of fabric per shirt - more if the print repeat is large - you can see that purchasing luxury level EU printed silk fabric alone costs more than a silk shirt sourced from China or Indonesia sells for on the high street.


But then take a look at some images of polluted rivers and lakes in those two countries (Google is your friend), and compare them with the waters of Lake Como, where our Chinese silk greige is prepared, printed and finished. The superior quality and craftsmanship aside, you can see what you are paying for. We think it's worth it.


So much for the pricey silk, but remember that on top of that come the additional charges for individually, piecing, matching, cutting and sewing each garment, in a small atelier in Andria, Italy. As you can imagine, by the time you reach the finished shirt, the outlay really is beginning to total up!


Standard pricing practice would be to multiply this rather large sum by 3. But how many common mortals can afford to pay £400-£500 for a shirt?


So we have decided to do something a little different…


We call it progressive pricing, and by that we mean that since it does not cost us 3 times more to set up manufacturing, and to market silk shirts, than it does to source and market cotton tees, we are not going to price things that way.


We think the outcome is fair and competitive for all concerned. We hope you do too.

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