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Brick Wall.

Posted by V. A. Bates Kassatly on

Our Portuguese production agents have just emailed. It is Friday afternoon, they gave us no warning, and have provided no explanation, but our tees and sweats were not made this week as promised; they will not be made until the end of next week.
When we first contacted our agents, last October, we were given 10 weeks as a standard delivery time. When we placed the order, last November, we were given the end of February as a delivery date. That was a 16 week delivery time, but the agents explained that the extra weeks were accounted for by two weeks downtime over Christmas, and the December/January rush to meet the ready-to-wear season calendar. Now, without any explanation, the actual delivery date is going to be the beginning of April. That represents a 22 week delivery time and a one month delay, or a 38% time overrun on the order date agreed last November! In what business is that acceptable?
If your cousin's cousin has a garment factory in the EU, please ask him to call us...

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