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A (Small) Change

Posted by V. A. Bates Kassatly on

Dependent on when you first found Commun des Mortels, you might have noticed we were based in Berlin, Germany, and our prices were listed in Euros.

As of today, we are officially a British company, registered in London, and our prices are listed in British Pounds. Why the change? We have a lot of ideas for our humble brand, and being based in London allows us to realize our vision more quickly and more effectively.

You’ll still find us at commundesmortels.com, and you can still expect the same quality of product, attention to detail, and approach to sustainability that you have hopefully come to expect from us. If you have recently placed an order (charged in Euros), don’t worry, nothing has changed for you - advertised policies still apply and your rights are not affected.

A quick recap of what this means: 

Prices are now advertised in British Pounds (GBP), and will be charged to the means of payment in British Pounds (GBP).

Orders will continue to be shipped from Berlin, Germany.

If you've made an order recently, don't worry, nothing has changed and your rights are not affected.

Thank you again for your support and interest in Commun des Mortels.

Veronica and Francis, Founders, 27/03/2018

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