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Heads Up

Posted by V. A. Bates Kassatly on

You may have noticed. We don't really do sales. We've actually ended all discounts.

Why? They suggest that the merchandise is not really worth the asking price, is seasonable, disposable, and can be treated as such. None of our garments fall into that category, so no sales, no discounts.

That said, sometimes we have factory seconds, production samples, and returned merchandise that we are not absolutely certain has not been worn. These cannot fairly be sold at full price, so we have a wee sale.

I know nothing annoys me more than buying something - only to find it heavily discounted a few weeks later So heads up: in a couple of weeks time, we shall be having a sample sale.

Better than that, since we are moving the rest of our stock from Germany to the UK at the end of October, we shall also be having a moving sale - it is going to cost us money to pack and ship the merchandise, so we figured we would offer it to you at a hefty discount and save ourselves the trouble.

The sale will not last long - a week or so, at best. And it will not include everything. Some of our stock is already in London - so that's excluded. And some sizes and colours are already in very short supply, so they will not be in the sale either. But if you can afford to wait, and are flexible on size and shade, you could pick up a great deal

We'll give everyone a shout on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and of course all those who have signed up for our emails will be notified directly.

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