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Fashion Is Only Fast If You've Got No Style

Posted by V. A. Bates Kassatly on

Fads are fast, style is slow. It really is. I know we keep saying that you should focus on price per wear, not price at check-out, and that you should favour quality, quality, quality, above all else, but I imagine that some of you may have doubts as to how long your purchase will actually remain fashionable, and so, just how low your price per wear will actually be.

By way of illustration, I offer you the Macklovitch brothers - Alain, aka A-Trak, and David, aka Dave 1 of Chromeo - in their very fine collection of plaid shirts, which frankly it looks as if they might even share. Seeing is believing so take a look at the images below, which date from 2009 to 2017.

If you wear a $200 plaid shirt for 8 years (2009 to 2017), it has cost you $25 per year. If you share it with your besty/brother you're down to $12.50 per year, each! Quite the bargain. Buy less, pay more wear it more - the Macklovitch way...

Attribution: 2009-2017, these images are from the brothers' own Instagram feeds. Earlier dates have been sourced across the web. If one of these images belongs to you and you would like either for us to credit you, or to remove it, please email clients@commundesmortels.com

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