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Thoughts on Black Friday

Posted by V. A. Bates Kassatly on

We know your email inbox is probably flooded with Black Friday sales and offers right now, and you might have wondered what our promotion would be. The answer: we aren’t taking part.

We think big brands are way behind the times. They are still using a sales model from the turn of the century - trying to make clothes ever more cheaply, dumping them after 6 months and starting all over again. All those seductive offers that you have been receiving are probably not quite as they appear. They are most likely super strategic, part of the marketing program, and budgeted for from inception. Hel-lo-o!  It's not a sale if the discount you are being offered was  actually an integral part of the production plan. We, on the other hand, don't have a giant markup to begin with, so we don't do giant markdowns. Simple

The shirts and tops we are selling today, we will be selling tomorrow. We don't churn product, trying to create endless demand for minor variations of the same item. We have no planned obsolescence. We don't slash prices to sell all our light navy tees in December, just so that we can bring in dark navy tees in January. We don't want you to replace your clothes after one season's wear. Really, we don't.

You are not a human hamster, you can get off the shopping wheel. Fashion matters, sure it does and it's fun! Just work it differently: develop a signature style; buy stuff that is expensive because expensive stuff went into making it; switch your outfit combinations from season to season, et voila! Goodbye fashion victim and hello fashion icon.

So here is our prescription for that annual maladie: buy less, but better, and wear the hell out of it. Stop refreshing the sale pages; don't wake up early to rush to the stores or click online; just kick back and buy nothing, taste the freedom - Black Friday Fever cured.

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