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Price per Wear

Posted by V. A. Bates Kassatly on

Not all garments are created equal and price varies accordingly. Cheap clothes are cheap to purchase largely because they are manufactured with significant external costs - pollution, desertification, unfair and unsafe labour practices... - and all of these costs are borne by someone else.
That said, even to the consumer, cheap clothes aren't that cheap if you don't wear them. When deciding what to buy don't just look at the price tag, focus on price per wear, or    p=(c-d)/w.
Don’t panic, this isn't rocket science. In plain English, if you buy fast fashion it has zero disposal value, d=0. So let's say you buy a tee for €18.99 and wear it five times, it cost you €18.99/5, or €3.80 per wear. Alternatively, if you buy a €300 sweatshirt, it probably does have a disposal value. In this case, let’s say that after wearing it weekly for a year you can resell it on a facebook group, eBay or Vestiare Collective for €100. In that case, d= €100 and your cost per wear is €200/52, or €3.80. The sweatshirt actually costs you the same as the cheap tee!
The real difference is that the expensive sweatshirt generates way less harm in its production and disposal than the cheap tee. And if you don’t like re-selling clothes, just wear the sweatshirt more frequently, and/or keep it longer. A €300 sweatshirt worn 80 times is still €3.80 per wear. It's not rocket science but if the idea spreads, it could revolutionize the fashion industry.

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