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Street Fashion's Stockholm Syndrome?

Posted by V. A. Bates Kassatly on


They say there is nothing new on this earth - what has been done will be done again. The man who first said that was clearly thinking of fashion.

Not so long ago, in the halcyon days following the second World War, America was Great, men were men, and nobody ate Avocado Toast. We all knew where we belonged and what we could aspire to. We'll call it the American dream but it was actually everyone's dream - if they lived in a country where dreaming was permitted.
You worked hard, you made your way - guaranteed. And when you got there, everyone would know you had made it because you would wear a suit, and not just on Sundays. Top men wore suits. Minions wore branded kit - a bit like cattle really.
I found these pictures on the Coca Cola website; they're from the 1970s.  By this time fashion for men was really back in fashion: suits were often velvet and shirts were often tight and tieless, but for workers - their longer hair, larger glasses, and peak-less caps aside - uniforms hadn't changed much. The wearers kept on dreaming the American Dream just the same - trying hard to get away from a life spent in overtly name-branded gear.

Fast forward another thirty years: America is no longer great; outside North Korea, most can dream all they like, but it seems it won't get them anywhere; and nothing says success like a blatantly name branded shirt - preferably with matching cap, socks, bum-bag, wallet, phone-cover, water bottle, brick, dog-lead.... Red and white preferred...

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