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The Sustainability Sham

Posted by V. A. Bates Kassatly on

Happy New Year!
May 2019 bring each and every one of you exactly what you deserve, and our sincere apologies for going AWOL since September, 2018.
In our defence, we have not been twiddling our thumbs. Yes we moved house and company from Berlin to London in October, but more than that: -  remember our July 22, 2018 journal post on silk production? (was it really that long ago!?) - Well, we followed up. 
We followed up with ASOS and we followed up with The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC). Why the latter? Because ASOS - and multiple Twitterati -  claimed silk not only killed caterpillars but was also the second most unsustainable fabric! Seriously? And it turns out everyone from ASOS to Kering uses SAC figures on fibre/fabric sustainability, so...
It took a while and we did not like what we found, but we had no idea what to do do with the evidence that we had uncovered.

Then lo and behold, the UK House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee set up an inquiry into the sustainability of the Fashion industry. Great. So we sent a little report on our discoveries to them. We can't reproduce the report on our own website, but you can read it here.

Let us know what you think.

Oh, and if you read that the C&A Foundation has produced some reports on cotton production in India and found that:"Organic cotton cultivation consumes 60% less blue water (water obtained through ground, lakes and other freshwater resources) when compared to conventional cotton cultivation"
Well watch this space...

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