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commun des mortels 


Based in London, GB, we’re slow fashion and we don’t do mass anything. We are 100% sweatshop free and completely transparent.


conscientious style with attitude


We aim to supply fashion-conscious men with ethical, luxurious options, in styles that are fashion forward and have staying power. The longer you wear an item of clothing, the lower the ‘price per wear’, and so the more you can afford to pay up front, and the better it is for the environment.

Why follow fast fashion? It’s hard to distinguish 2010 from 2016 photos of Lenny Kravitz in a black muscle tee. David Macklovitch has been wearing the same leather jacket, tee, plaid shirt combo since 2012. Kurt Cobain was wearing oversized tops, plaids and pyjama shirts in the 90s, and his style is still regularly referenced on catwalks, 30 years later.


Combining observation with objective inspired us to develop a small, directional collection that is ethically sourced, 100% sweatshop free, and eschews logos and graphics. Why look like everyone else?

produced with conscience, without compromise, and sold with sanity




There is no such thing as a free lunch. Fashion works on mark-ups: around 2.5-3x from factory to wholesale and another 2.5-3x from wholesale to retail. So that €15 tee may have earned the factory as little as €2.50. How much are they supposed to pay their workers? How much to devote to health and safety? How much can they pay for the fabric? And so how much is left to pay the cotton farmer?


You can only be certain that your production respects social and environmental norms where there is strong regulation and rule of law; so we only manufacture in Italy and Portugal from the highest grade fabrics of European or Japanese origin.


Quite a few brands proclaim sustainability without providing a shred of evidence. We provide details on the fabrics and photographs of the factories on our website. If you're interested, you can see in and around our factories right here, here, and here.


Luxury brands use the same factories and fabrics as we do, but we keep final costs as low as possible by selling online only; we are transparent, not only about our production but also about our pricing. We aim to mark up by only 2.5 times over the factory cost.

buy less, pay more, wear it more


What does this mean for you? Expensive garments at the lowest practicable prices.



above: @simonnygard in bleach distressed shadow plaid, shot by @ilivanilli_